J-GLOBAL ID:201110023433174470   Research Resource code:5000002745 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel

Owning Organization:
Contact: ITOH Katsuhiro
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Purpose:HOPE and Scramjet Tests
Performance:Compression Tube Length:42m Caliber:600mm
Shock wave Length:17m Caliber:180mm
Secondary Reservoir Capacity 7.7m3
Piston Mass 300-720kg
Nozzle Exit Diameter:1200mm
Throat Diameter:24-50mm
Stagnation Enthalpy Maximum 25MJ/kg
Stagnation Pressrure Maximum 150MPa
Test Duration more than 2msec.
Piston Operating Air Pressure Maximum 20MPa
Driver Gas He, He+Ar
Driver Gas Pressure Maximum 150MPa
Driver Gas Temprature Maximum 4000K
Driver Gas Duration more than 2msec.
Diaphragm Rupture Pressure Maximum 150MPa
Data Acquisition System 250ch
Maximum Sampling Rate 1MHz
Optical System Schlieren System
Dual Exposure Holography Interferometry
Built March, 1999
User environment and conditions:
Test Models
User procedures and method:
-Procedure of Use
Inquire of details to the Planning Office
-Charge of Use
Depends on the criterion of the trusted research expenses
provided by the Science and Technology Agency.
-Restriction of Use
For organizations who have nothing to do with the national
administration,only the case,that is especially considered
to be necessary for improvement of aeronautics and the space
sciences, is admitted to use.

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