J-GLOBAL ID:201110023508186038   Research Resource code:0000000061 Update date:Dec. 01, 2004

Natural Energy Resources Map

Contact: OKAMOTO Katsuo
Resource classification: Global change (Meteorology, Space, Geology, Ocean,etc)
Separate paper 1
(Resource attributes)
(1) approximately 110MB (aproximately 37MB x 3)
(2) Solar radiation: average values for 1979-1986
Hydraulic power: average values for 1964-1977
Wind power: average values for 1974-1983
(3) Offline: FD or CD-ROM
User environment and conditions:
A hardware capable of reading FD for DOS-V (Other hardware is required for using CD-ROM.)
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for Use]
Send the following items by mail or fax to Chief
of Global
Environment Research Team of this institute:
purpose, kind of data, object region, name of the
person in charge, connection address. Or e-mail
[Charge for use]
When a large quantity of data is requested, a
necessary amount of media may be charged.
[Qualification of User]
Staff of a national or public research
organization, educational organization, local
public organization, public-service corporation,
or a specially acknowledged person.
[Restriction on Use]
Non-profit-making only

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