J-GLOBAL ID:201110023943485276   Research Resource code:1000001094 Update date:Sep. 21, 2004


Owning Organization:
Contact: TANAKA Ichiro
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Thin film and surface interface physical properties
"Scanning probe microscope system SPI3800 (manufactured by
Seiko Instruments Co. Ltd.)
This instrument is used mainly to measure surface microstructures."
User environment and conditions:
Must not interrupt research activities.
User procedures and method:
"Procedure for use: Please contact a person in charge for details.
Charge for use: Free except for expendable supplies to be prepared by users
Qualification for use: Persons who conduct cooperative research with
Faculty of System Engineering, Wakayama University, and who have participated in
an operational instruction course"

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