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CGS Diskutility・Proseries

Owning Organization:
Contact: Machine Weaving Division
Resource classification: Software, Program
The CGS format is established by Kyoto Municipal Textile
Research Institute, which determines strictly the
procedures and formats for transferring the data for
figured cloths which had been controlled with punch cards
called ""Mongami"" to floppy discs. Most of current data of
figured cloths in the floppy discs are run in this format,
and it is not too much to say that the format is de facto
domestic unified standard.
In addition to that, our Institute actively utilizes the
information of Mongami transferred to floppy discs and has
created a group of software tools to make substantial
modification to the information after preparation of
Mongami which was impossible before, and to simulate the
weaving of textiles on computer in advance of actual
weaving and display the results. These tools which are
called ""CGS Disc Utility Pro Series"" were lent out to
the textile industry and found ready favor. To date, the
total number of 3000 has been lent out. Since numerous
additional functions have been requested by users, we are
now making effort to address it.
At present, this series includes more than 20 softwares.
And at present, we producted software for CGS and CGSII,
and this series corresponden to PC/AT windows computer
User environment and conditions:
NEC PC9800 Series running under MS-DOS
Some tools require 2 FDD drives or a color printer.
PC/AT Computer (3mode FDD)(USB 3mode FDD)(Windows Computer)
User procedures and method:
(1) Apply for use using the format specified by the
(2) Approval for use will be sent after the decision is
made at the Institute.
(3) Pay the instruction fee.
Both softwares and tools are paid for according to the
Kyoto Municipal bylaw.
Qualification for use
Restriction for use
Copy and alteration of the utilities are prohibited.
Transfer to the third party is prohibited.
Procedures for use
Each manual for software and tool contains the procedures.
Masayuki Awasaki and Haruhiko Shirai
Figured Cloth Laboratory, Machine Weaving Division, Kyoto
Municipal Textile Research Institute

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