J-GLOBAL ID:201110024739493053   Research Resource code:1000001900 Update date:Nov. 18, 2004


Owning Organization:
Contact: AOKI Masanori
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (1): Indian philosophy/Buddhism studies
This collection stored materials, which was collected by
several Sosyu (Highest Archbishop) of Nishi Honngannji,
and this collection was began from 10th Sosyu Syounyo
Shonin to 21st Sosyu, Meinyo Shonin. This collection was
contributed to the library by Meinyo Shonin, during the
Meiji era. The materials covered various fields, such as
Buddhism, Shin-syu(Shin Sect), Literature, Geinou,
Honsou, Medicine, Historical Book. These materials contained
such old books and manuscripts produced in the Muromachi
era and about 30000 items are stored.
User environment and conditions:
Observation of the material is limited within the library (The precious book reading application is required)
User procedures and method:
Detail condition and procedure is informed from the
person in charge

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