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The Controller's Library Collection of Her Majesty's Stationary Office Publications. Non-Parliamentary Publications

英国政府刊行物非議会出版物:主題別 付 HMSO刊行物検索誌 マイクロフィルム
Owning Organization:
Contact: 利用支援課 資料サービス係
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (2): Economic policy ,  Others
Auxiliary statutes, reports and research reports
in various fields related to British Government
are systematically recorded by related government
agency in 1922 to 1972. As to economics, primary
materials related to export of capital especially
portfolio investment are included. Publications of
28 fields in total such as agriculture, fishery,
and food agencies as well as employment and labor
ministry, environment ministry, natural resource
agency, and department of trade and industry are
also included. Index attached in the materials is
an index book necessary for using the publications.
User procedures and method:
For details, inquire of the person in charge.

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