J-GLOBAL ID:201110025147709629   Research Resource code:5000003401 Update date:Mar. 17, 2009

Radio Telescopes and Observation Data

Contact: Ryohei Kawabe
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Astronomy
Nobeyama Radio Observatory(NRO) operates the 45-m Radio
Telescope, Nobeyama Millimeter Array(NMA), and ASTE 10m
telescope in Chile. The NRO 45m telescope has been used for
the worldwide ouside users.
Most of the observed data have been archived and
prepared to be open for researchers.
User environment and conditions:
Apply the call for proposals twice a year.
User procedures and method:
If you want to use our facility and apparatus, fill our
applicatioon form according to our call for proposals.
Charge: free, Qualification of user: non, Restriction of use:
only for study, not for military affairs.

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