J-GLOBAL ID:201110025294875860   Research Resource code:5000004345 Update date:Jan. 24, 2006

Molecular beam epitaxy System

Owning Organization:
Contact: KUSABIRAKI Kiyoshi
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (3): Applied physical properties/crystal engineering ,  Thin film and surface interface physical properties ,  Metallic physical properties
This system equipped with high energy electron
diffraction, Auger electron and X-ray photo electron
spectroscopy is used for a growth of a wide variety
of thin films in ultra-high vacuum of 10-10 torr and
their in-situ characterization.
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for Use] Make inquiries with a clerk in
[Qualification] Cooperative researchers with
researchers in Toyama University.

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