J-GLOBAL ID:201110026393081295   Research Resource code:5000003186 Update date:Oct. 19, 2004

Development of effective preservation system for porcine genetic resource

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Contact: IDE Hanako
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
Research area  (1): Applied animal science
In order to conserve genetic resources efficiently,
the simple freezing temperature control method for
pig semen by a small capacity straw using a
Styrofoam container and the gricerin equilibrium
time were studied. In the present study, using the
simple equipment of a Styrofoam container it was
confirmed that the cryopreservation of pig semen in
a 0.5ml straw was possible by adjusting the distance
of the straw from the liquid nitrogen surface. In
addition, since the simple freezing method with a
small capacity straw of 0.5ml is utilizable for in vitro
fertilization or tubal fertilization, it seems to be
useful for the conservation etc. of genetic resources.

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