J-GLOBAL ID:201110026406350592   Research Resource code:5000000245 Update date:Jun. 05, 2008

Application of test devices for research

Owning Organization:
Contact: IINO Shuu
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (1): Other
Equipment for testing of paper indnstry, machinery,
metal and electronics technologies is available for use.
Refer to our home page.
User procedures and method:
Please submit the application form of the equipment use
permit to the manager of Fuji Industrial Research
Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture.
Available equipment and utilization costs
Refer to our home page. URL: http://www.f-iri.pref. of use
There is no limitation to the user. However, those from
outside the prefecture are requested to pay the doubled

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