J-GLOBAL ID:201110026762589257   Research Resource code:5000003326 Update date:Sep. 24, 2004


Owning Organization:
Contact: IDA Keiji
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
The Center opens the facility and equipment for study
and research to the public to technically support
development of new technology and new product,
sophistication of technology, improvement of quality,
etc. for small and intermediate sized businesses.
Research field : 工学、化学全般
User environment and conditions:
Acquisition of license for every equipment is required.
User procedures and method:
You should submit an application form after acquisition
of the license published for every equipment
(Usage fee) Set by equipment model
(Qualification of user) Those who acquired the license
(Restriction for use) Please refrain from using for
direct business dealings such
as the utilization for production
or certification business.

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