J-GLOBAL ID:201110027576834000   Research Resource code:1000000411 Update date:Jan. 18, 2010


Owning Organization:
Contact: 平井 秀一郎
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (3): Fluidics ,  Thermal engineering ,  Energy studies
Ultra Sensitive CCD Detection System
Major applications: Instruments for high speed, and high
sensitivity measurement of images within a micro domains
and spectroscopic measurement, such as laser induced
fluorescence, which is a non-contact measurement
technique for measurement of radicals in combustion field
Number of CCD pixels: 2033 x 2094 pixels
An image intensifier can be attached.
User environment and conditions:
No disturbance on our research activities.
User procedures and method:
Contact us for details.
Fee: None
Qualification: Joint research member with an instructor
of the University
Limitations on use: None special

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