J-GLOBAL ID:201110027828535206   Research Resource code:5000000267 Update date:Dec. 12, 2005

Facilities and open equipments

Owning Organization:
Contact: YOZA Norihiro
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
The equipment installed in the Industrial
Technology Centeris provided for enterprises
to use in accordance with the regulation.
The available equipment (93 units in total)
isas follows: 10 units of a dryer, an electric
furnace etc., 14 units of a stirrer, a crasher,
a mixer etc., 5 units of a molding machine, a
cutting machine etc., 17 units of a metal
processing machine, a surface processing machine
etc., 2 units of a centrifuge, a filtering
machine etc., 5 units of a sterilizer, an
incubator etc., 3 units of optical
equipment etc., 11 units of measuring equipment
for physical properties etc., 23 units of
analytical instruments etc., and 3 units of
others. The hourly charges must be paid.
User environment and conditions:
Techniques for handling with facility equipment are required depending on the type of research resource. The operation may be accompanied with an official person if necessary.
User procedures and method:
After an application to Director of the Center in
advance is sent, use permission may be granted.

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