J-GLOBAL ID:201110028641370730   Research Resource code:0000000481 Update date:Nov. 21, 2007

Oceangraphic Observation Data

Owning Organization:
Contact: SASAO Kei
Resource classification: Factual data,Factual database
Research area  (1): Others
The Center records the temperature and salt
concentration of 13 specific points at sea which
are located within 80 miles off Akita shore at
the beginning of each month except for January,
according to the weather and depth (0 meter, 10
meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, 75
meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters and
500 meters).
User environment and conditions:
Nothing applicable
User procedures and method:
Planning Division,
Akita Prefectural Institute of Fisheries
Telephone No. +81-185-27-3003 and
Fax No. +81-185-27-3004

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