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2m×2m Transonic wind tunnel

Owning Organization:
Contact: HAMAMOTO Shigeru
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Transonic wind tunnel
Main purpose: Research on aerodynamics at
transonic and development test of aircraft and
flying bodies Performance
Measuring part dimensions: 2 x 2m
Main blower power: 22,500kW
Mach number: 0.1 -1.4
Auxiliary blower power: 8,000kW
Inner prssure of the wind tunnel: 9.8 - 245kPa
(0.1 - 2.5kg/cm2abs)
Measuring part cart: Perforated wall for whole
size model, perforated wall
for half size model,
multigrooved whole size model.
Compressor: 530kW x 1, 1,200kW x 1, 3,450kW x 1
(commonly used by blow- down tunnel)
Air reservoir: inside diameter 12m x 1
inside diameter 13m x 1
(commonly used by blow-down tunnel)
Completion: Fiscal 1960
Fiscal 1976 (12m air reservoir)
Fiscal 1980 (3,450kW compressor)
Fiscal 1087 (Renewal of a motor for
blower drive and an
exhaust blower)
Fiscal 1988 (Renewal of 13m air
reservoir and 1,200kW
Fiscal 1989 (Construction of 530kW
Fiscal 1992 (Renewal of auxiliary
blower facility)
Fiscal 1994 (Renewal of cooling water
User environment and conditions:
Models for wind tunnel test and equipment and materials for a special test.
User procedures and method:
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