J-GLOBAL ID:201110032909695570   Research Resource code:5000003911 Update date:Nov. 30, 2005

Japanese library database on clothing related

Contact: Chief of Information System Section
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (1): Cultural anthropology/folklore studies
Index information of clothing related descriptions included
in general library published after 1868 (Meiji, first year)
and related special library information, total of 22,510 pieces
mainly composed of;
“Clothing related library catalog 1st year of Meiji to 23rd
year of Showa” (published by Nichigai associates, edited
by Haruko Takahashi and Hiroshi Daimaru) and “Clothing
related library catalog 1947 to 1993” (published and edited
by Kanako Saruta) data
User environment and conditions:
Available through networks

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