J-GLOBAL ID:201110033330455280   Research Resource code:0000000342 Update date:Sep. 10, 2004

Artifical Meteorological Room

Owning Organization:
Contact: UEYAMA Akihiko
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
The Artificial Weather Laboratory produces various
weather conditions artificially (temperature,
humidity, rainfall, snowfall, and solar radiation).
Under these conditions, weather resistance tests
and functional tests are performed on functional
clothing, housing materials, and mechanical parts.
User procedures and method:
Akihiko Ueyama, Chemistry and Textile Department,
Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture
TEL: +81-776-55-0664
Fill out and submit request form for use of mechanical
Rental fee
13,430 yen/h
Procedure for use
Call the office in advance.
TEL: +81-776-550-0664 (attention of Ueyama)
Contact address
Akihiko Ueyama, Chemistry and Textile Department

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