J-GLOBAL ID:201110034143469061   Research Resource code:5000003648 Update date:Nov. 27, 2002

OCTA Open, flexible and expandable system-open source & Multi platform

おくた オープンで柔軟な拡張性の高いシステム-オープンソース&マルチプラットホーム
Contact: DOI Masao
Resource classification: Software, Program
Research area  (4): Fundamental informatics ,  Statistical science ,  Polymer chemistry ,  Composite materials/physical properties
OCTA is an integrated simulation system for soft
materials. The objective is to bridge
microstructural characteristics of soft
materials with their material characteristics
by simulation and modeling. Soft materials are
made of complex moleauks, consisting of millions
of atoms, having internal structures at many
levels, and exhibiting complex responses over
time scales ranging from nano-seconds to years.
Theoretical models for soft materials are quite
diverse and have been proposed to deal with
mesoscopic phenomena of soft materials. Our task
was to construct a simulation system by
integrating such diverse models, OCTA consists
of four simulation engines (COGNAC, PASTA, SUSHI,
MUFFIN) and a simulation platform (GOURMET)
User environment and conditions:
All users can download and use OCTA2002 free.
User procedures and method:
How to install OCTA
1.Go to OCTA BBS and resister your ID
2.Install GOURMET, Set up
3.Download Gourmet Primer.pdf

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