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System Technology Development Center

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
The Center was establised as a research development
institution, with the aim of conducting trial research
by industry- university-government cooperation and
comprehensive evaluation of the whole system which is
constructed from combined individual technical elements.
User procedures and method:
Application and permission of use
1. Person who want to use Research Report Service System
(hereinafter called System) of Kagoshima Prefecture
Industrial Center (hereinafter called Center) are
requested to fill the application form and submit to the
manager of the Center for approval. When the application
is admitted, the manager approve after registration of
the user name on the System and deliver the document of
Procedure for use of facilities
(1) Apply at the information desk of division of Planning
and Information in the Center
(2) Person who want to use is requested to fill the form
of application and submit to the manager of
Industrial Technology Center (hereinafter called
(3) The Manager accept and examine the application form
and inform the acceptance with the acceptance form
if the application is acceptable
(4) In case of the change in the content of the
application occur, submit the form of change to the
Manager and get the acceptance

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