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Richard Lane's literary works collection

リチャード レイン コレクション
Owning Organization:
Contact: KURIYAMA Yoshihisa
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (1): Japanese literature
Richard Lane's literary works collection
A part of the collection owned by Richard Lane
(1926-), a researcher, who has a great knowledge of
modern Japanese paintings, especially ukiyo-e. He
compiled the results of study on ukiyo-e into the
book, "Images from the floating world : the Japanese
print : including an illustrated dictionary of ukiyo-e"
(c1978). The book is thought to be written on the
basis of this collection consisting of carefully
selected 113 modern art pieces. The 42 pieces of them
are valuable modern picture books such as Kurohon
(black book) and Aohon (blue book). Kurohon collection
includes Kumazaka Tanzyou-ki, Saikeikata Fukujin-sen,
Abe no Seimei Ka Uraden, Honcho Sumo monogatari, Kenko
Hoshi Kusamakura, Daitogu Kumano Shoken. Aohon
collection includes Sankan Watonai Garitsu, Risshun
Daikichi Shikishi Hyakunin Isshu. Those pieces and
others, which are not published in Tosho So Mokuroku
or Nihon Shosetsu Nenpyo, are good books which are not
extant in other places.
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