J-GLOBAL ID:201110035751229193   Research Resource code:5000001855 Update date:Nov. 15, 2003

Human Conceptus Database

Owning Organization:
Contact: SHIOTA Kohei, M.D.
Resource classification: Factual data,Factual database
Research area  (2): Human pathology ,  Embryonic/neonatal medicine
Data on 40 items, such as case histories (e.g.discrete
values, anomalies and their details), family history,
pregnancy history and medical history during pregnancy,
are recorded for 44,000 samples of human embryos and
fetuses that this center has collected.
User environment and conditions:
PC computer,the searching programs for the human conceptus database (specially made).
User procedures and method:
Contact to Congenital Anomaly Research Center, Kyoto
University, Faculty of Medicine
Tel: 81-75-753-4345 Fax: 81-75-753-4346
Utilization requirement: researchers in related fields

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