J-GLOBAL ID:201110036485716462   Research Resource code:1000001819 Update date:Dec. 01, 2005

High-temperature/high-pressure Apparatus

Owning Organization:
Contact: YOSHIKADO Shinzo
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (4): Inorganic chemistry ,  Inorganic material/physical properties ,  Composite materials/physical properties ,  Structural/functional materials
High-temperature high-pressure Apparatus
Aim:to fabricate new functional materials at
high-temperatures(<1500degC) under high-pressures
User environment and conditions:
As the apparatus can't be moved from the laboratory, the use of this apparatus is available in the same laboratory.
User procedures and method:
Process: For the details, please contact a person
responsible for this equipment.
Fee: You have to pay for consumable supplies and
Requirement: Only those who conduct joint researches
with Doshisha University can use this equipment.
Restrictions: None

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