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Programs for Estimation of Meteorological Data in 1km2 Grid Mesh(ver.4.2)

Contact: SEINO Hiroshi
Resource classification: Software, Program
Research area  (1): Agricultural environmental engineering
These programs calculate the meteorological daily
data in 1km2 grid mesh, using the Digital
National Land Information (elevation, land use, and
mesh climatic data) and the AMeDAS (Automated
Meteorological Data Acquisition System) data
(temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, etc.).
As a result, meteorological data is obtained even
in the place where the observation is not done.
The meteorological data estimated thus is used
to evaluate the growing situation of crops, the
damage of crops such as cool summer damage, and
the changes of agricultural climatic resources.
The amount of the solar radiation is converted
from the sunshine hours of the AMeDAS.
User environment and conditions:
Microsoft Window 95/98 -Hard disc necessary
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for Use]
Application address: Division of Research Planning,
National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
Application form: Sent after accepting an application
[Charge for use]
Free for a national or public organization.
[Qualification of User]
Non-profit-making only
[Restriction on Use]
Copy prohibited, use prohibited except for
investigation and research.

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