J-GLOBAL ID:201110036721326506   Research Resource code:1000001995 Update date:Jun. 30, 2007

The Private Library of the Late Professor Dr,jur Theodor Viehweg

Owning Organization:
Contact: KIMURA Hiroyuki
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (1): Social jurisprudence
Materials which can be expressed as a library on modern
European basic laws
User environment and conditions:
Local CAT (search on local bibliography, search on local possession) System
User procedures and method:
Limitation of use: Bring identification when coming to
the library.
Fare: Charged (for reading only)-100yen for a year.An ID card is issued.
Charged (Those in the neighborhood who want to
take out)
4,000 yen for a year, 2,000 yen for a half year,
Loaner's card is issued.
As this Collection on Law Philosophy is old, it may not
be taken out nor copied but should be read in the
library only.

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