J-GLOBAL ID:201110036894872697   Research Resource code:1000001844 Update date:Dec. 01, 2005

Apparatus for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Owning Organization:
Contact: UENO Masakatsu
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (5): Physical chemistry ,  Organic chemistry ,  Synthetic chemistry ,  Polymer chemistry ,  Reaction engineering/process system
Determination of the structures of organic and
metal-organic substances by chemical shift and
studies on molecular dynamics by relaxation process
Research field : Industry of Organie Chemistry, Chemical Separation <br>Prossess and Engineering, Synthetie Chemistry, Polymer <br>Synthesis, Physical Chemistry
User procedures and method:
Submit the form of application to the committee.
Users are the members of the faculty and the graduate
students in the faculty of engineering, and the persons
who are admitted to use it by the committee.

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