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Blletein of the Hokkaido Animal Research Center

Owning Organization:
Contact: KENTARO Deoka
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
Research area  (1): Livestock science/meadow studies
Papers on results of study and survey performed in our
research center are written according to special
writing manual, then examined by edition committee
constructed from edit members selected from each section
, and corrected papers are put under final
examination to decide whether or not to be published.
Proofreading of English summary for papers are usually
done by other trade. Papers are usually published every
year, but had not been for these 2 to 3 years because of
several reasons. No.26 was published in 2007.
User procedures and method:
If you want to use our bibliographic database, please
contact research coodinator.

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