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6.5m×5.5m Low speed wind tunnel

6.5m×5.5m 低速風洞
Owning Organization:
Contact: HAMAMOTO Shigeru
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Main Objectives: To study aerodynamics in low speed
flight and to research and develop the aircraft.
(1). The Force and Moment Test, Pressure Distribution
(2). The Static/Dynamic Ground Effect.
(3). The Rotor Test,
(4). Cable and Mounted Dynamic Test. Performance:
Testing Section Dimension 6.5m high, 5.5m widths.
Octagon Cross Section with 1m cut at four corners.
Wind Velocity: 70m/s Maximum 1m/s Minimum.
Fan: Variable Pitch and Variable Speed Type 3000kW.
Completion Year: FY1965. 1994. Performance Enhancement.
Auxiliaries: Ground Effect Test Equipment,
Staying Support Testing Section,
Six-Component Pyramid Balance.
Data Processor.
User environment and conditions:
(1) A wind test model suitable for the support facility (strut or sting). (2) Measurement equipment set outside the wind tunnel is acceptable.
User procedures and method:
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