J-GLOBAL ID:201110040831338477   Research Resource code:5000001217 Update date:Oct. 17, 2008


Contact: KOSHIMIZU Hiroyasu
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (5): Software ,  Media informatics/data base ,  Intelligent informatics ,  Perception information processing/intelligent robotics ,  Biological/living body informatics
The Laboratory provides environment to use image
processing, graphics workstation and software to
operate it for researchers and educators of machin vision,robot vision,computer graphics and virtual reality.
As a rule, the advice on the contents of research and
education can not be given. This facility is managed by
School of Information Sciences and Technology and School of
Life Science and Technology.
User environment and conditions:
SGI Onyx2R10000, SGI PowerOnyxR8000 2CPU, SGI Indigo2
Maximum Impact, SGI Indy, SGI 02, VR Instrument,
Wide Cylindrical Screen, 3D image sensing device,
cyber globe, eye-camera system, distributed 2D, 3D Camera System
User procedures and method:
Reference: CG-LAB
Charge: Free
(1)Faculty member of Chukyo University
(2)Memeber of joint research
(3)Registant at study meeting by CG-LAB
(4)Participant in class by CG-LAB
(5)Person permitted by the university

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