J-GLOBAL ID:201110041532429268   Research Resource code:0000000005 Update date:Dec. 01, 2004

Database of Winds and Waves

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Global change (Meteorology, Space, Geology, Ocean,etc)
Oceanographic phenomenon data (waves etc.) dispersed in
relating organizations are added to the ship and
oceanographic phenomenon information stored in this
Institute and they are integrated into a database.
It covers not only global environment and environmental
conservation but also applied fields of ship design
and navigation of ship.
The wave database is made by statistically analyzing
data of oceanic waves and winds obtained from ship
reports and buoys to estimate wave load and dynamic
characteristics in waves during navigation in an ocean
and enabled to be used on a network.
User environment and conditions:
Personal computer
Telephone line
Communication software
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for use]
Inquire to the Business Squad, Planning Room.

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