J-GLOBAL ID:201110042907445971   Research Resource code:5000002073 Update date:Jun. 02, 2003

HIV Infectious Diseases Integrated Database

Owning Organization:
Contact: NAKASONE Tadashi
Resource classification: DNA, Protein, etc
The database integrates following three kinds of data
and provides functions to manage and analyze them as a
WEB service: First, results of isolation of virus
obtained from HIV infected individuals in Japan and
Thailand and analyzed since 1989. Second, results of
viral genes such as nucleotide sequences. Third,
clinical data searchable in chronological order. The
primary advantage of the database is that clinical data
is integrated with virological data including the HIV
gene information. Furthermore, another unique advantage
is to contain the structure data of virus protein based
on the HIV gene information.
This database has been developed by the Database
Development Program of Japan Science and Technology
Corporation (JST) in collaboration with National
Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID).

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