J-GLOBAL ID:201110043125053400   Research Resource code:5000001240 Update date:Aug. 21, 2007

Digital Map 10m Grid (Elevation of Active Volcanos)

Owning Organization:
Contact: 火山調査係
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (1): Solid earth planet physics
The subjects of survey are 49 volcanoes in Japan.
For 31 volcanoes of them, basic volcano maps drawn to
a scale of 1/5,000 or 1/10,000 were made. The present
data were prepared for 24 volcanoes. In the data, the altitude of the center of each mesh obtained by
dividing basic volcano maps with the interval of 10 m
from south to north as well as east to west is
The stored files are comprised of two files, that
is, header and text data.
Research field : 火山地形<br>防災<br>DEM
User procedures and method:

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