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Geschichte des Burgeriches Gesetzbuch

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Contact: KURIYAMA Yoshihisa
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (1): Civil jurisprudence
Collection of history of German civil law
This collection has 500 titles, 750 books which were
owned formerly by Michaelis Karl (1900-), a professor
of civil law of Gottingen University, Germany. The
collection, which provides historical development of
German civil law, is classified into the following
three parts.
(1) Materials on codifying of civil law, including the
civil codes drafted in Preussen, Bayern and
Austria, two drafts of German civil law and the
original published in 1896,
(2) Books on development of The Pandects and German
civil law, including the important texts and
original papers of typical civil law scholars such
as Savigny, Friedrich Karl von (1779-1861),
Thibaut, Anton Friedrich Justus (1772-1840),
(3) Books of Roman law and German law between the 13th
and 18th centuries, including Corpus Juris Civilis
annotated by Accursius, Glossator (ca.1182-
ca.1260), Decretalen from the 12th to 13th
centuries, Sachsenspiegel, an old German prose
which was considered as the base of statute law,
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