J-GLOBAL ID:201110045307749887   Research Resource code:5000000055 Update date:Nov. 14, 2001

Historical Earthquakes and Tsunamis Database

Owning Organization:
Contact: Sin-Iti Iwasaki
Resource classification: Bibliographic databse (Full text)
Historical Earthquake and Tsunami Database written in the
form of documents. Whole database were constructed as
a 'character' basis.
So that, search for words with any length can be done.
The contents are follows,
-Dainihon jishin shiryo( K.Musha): 5/Sep./1596〜5/May/1658
632 items
-Shinshu Nihon jishin shiryo( ERI of Univ.of Tokyo):
5/Sep./1596〜21/June/1657 757 items
-Rikanepyo(Maruzen): 23/Aug./416〜17/Dec./1987 432 items
User environment and conditions:
Personal computers with DOS-BASIC.
User procedures and method:
Direct access to the contact person.

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