J-GLOBAL ID:201110046066729630   Research Resource code:5000001316 Update date:Nov. 18, 2004

X-ray fluoresence spectrometer

蛍光X線分析装置 理学電機工業(株)Sytem3270E 全自動分析装置
Owning Organization:
Contact: MIYAMOTO Masaki
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
This instrument is used for quantitative analysis
of ceramic raw materials. Although processing of
the samples into glass-beads is needed for
pretreatment, this instrument is characterized
by short time required for the analysis due to
a high analysis precision.
User environment and conditions:
User procedures and method:
Bring in the sample and complete the request
form to request the analysis, then pay the fee.
Responsible person: Masaki Miyamoto, Kutani
Ware Research Center
Fare: Submission of the sample-completion of the
request form (needs to be sealed) -payment
of the fee-reporting of the result after
the analysis
Qualification: None

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