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Contact Research and Joint Research

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Research area  (7): General life science ,  Nano materials/nano bioscience ,  Polymer/textile materials ,  Production engineering/processing studies ,  Electronic device/electronic equipment ,  Control engineering ,  Material processing/treatment
(1) Commissioned research: At the request of medium and
small sized business, the Institute undertakes
technological research works, capitalizing on its
expertise and making the most of the facilities and
(2) Joint research: In response to the application from
medium and small sized business, the Institute
conducts joint research on a theme which the
applicant company finds difficult to pursue alone.
When the theme seems important to all industries,
the Institute proposes and conducts a joint
industry-university project with the applicant
company and a university. If an applicant company
has constraint of research activity due to limited
facilities, and if the company wishes to pursue joint
research with the prefecture, it can use a joint
research laboratory of the Institute.
Research field : 受託 共同 研究
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