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Forese Tree Genetic Resources Database

Owning Organization:
Contact: Genetic Resources Management Section
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (1): Others
The number of strains registered to the Gene Bank and
administrated by the database is about 21000 individual
strains and about 8000 seeds and pollen. Also the
information of conservation forest stands, which are
registered by Forestry Agency, Regional Forest Office,
is collected. Outline of this information is presented
on the homepage of Forest Tree Genetic Resources,
Genetic Resource Department
Major items of the Forest Tree Genetic Resource are as
Catalog of forest tree genetic resource adults
(individual), Catalog of forest tree genetic resource
germ palms (seeds and pollen), Characteristic table of
forest tree genetic resource, Outline of the forest tree
genetic resource conservation forest stands.
User procedures and method:
Contact section for the CD-ROM distribution of the
Forest Tree Genetic Resource Conservation Forest Stands
Image Data Base is Forest Tree Breeding Center, Genetic
Resources Department, Exploration and Collection
Division, Genetic Resources Management Section.
Tel.0293-32-7048 FAX.0293-32-7306

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