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Simple method for freezing boar semen using 0.5ml plastic straws: Effect of freezing conditions and glycerol equilibration time.

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Contact: IDE Hanako
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In order to conserve genetic resources efficiently,
the simple freezing temperature control method for pig
semen by a small capacity straw using a Styrofoam
container and the bricerin equilibrium time were studied.
In the present study, using the simple equipment of a
Styrofoam container it was confirmed that the
cryopreservation of pig semen in a 0.5 ml straw was
possible by adjusting the distance of the straw from the
liquid nitrogen surface. In addition, since the simple
freezing method with a small capacity straw of 0.5 ml is
utilizable for in vitro fertilization or tubal
fertilization, it seems to be useful for the
conservation etc. of genetic resources.

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