J-GLOBAL ID:201110049036957921   Research Resource code:5000002107 Update date:Aug. 21, 2007

Detailed Digital Information(10m Grid Land Use)

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (2): Geography ,  Human geography
This is high precision land-use datacrucial for policy
making on the demand and supply of residential lands.
It contains land use and the administrative boundary
data of 5 periods at intervals of approximately 5 years
for the Metropolitan area(8,300km2), Chubu area(2,800km2)
and Kinki area(3,600km2). The data is classified into
15 categories: Forest/Grassland, Paddy Field, Land
Improvement area,Open Space, Industrial area, General
Residential Area, Massed Residential Area, Multi Floor
Residential Area, Shopping and Business Area, Road,
Park/Green Zone, Public Area, River/Lake, Any area else.
Research field : 宅地利用動向調査<br>土地利用<br>細密数値情報<br>10mメッシュ土地利用
User environment and conditions:
Windows95 after, CPU:Pentium after,
Disk space:200MB necessity
User procedures and method:
JMC (Japan Map Center) or bookshops handling the maps of
GSI (Geographical Survey Institute)
Price: 9,000 yen/1 CD-ROM(in 15 volumes) (taxes included)
JMC (Japan Map Center) phone: +81-3-3485-5414
facsimile: +81-3-3465-7591

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