J-GLOBAL ID:201110049921179197   Research Resource code:5000001449 Update date:Nov. 07, 2003

Archaeological remains from the campus of Tohoku University and records of investigations of sites on the campus

Owning Organization:
Contact: FUJISAWA Atsushi, SHIBATA Keiko, TAKAGI Nobuaki
Resource classification: Specimens (artifacts, fossils)
Research area  (2): History of Japan ,  Archeology
Archaeological remains(various implements of Edo
period, palaeolith, artifacts of Jomon period)from
sites on Campus (Sendai Castle, Aobayama site,
Ashinokuchisite) and records of investigations of
the sites(figures, photographs)
User environment and conditions:
Published artifacts are constantly available.
User procedures and method:
For particulars, please apply to the office.
It needs no fee, no requirement, and there is no
limitation for use.

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