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Photon Factory

Owning Organization:
Contact: YONEYAMA Kazuo
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Elementary particle/atomic nucleus/cosmic ray/space physics
The construction of National Laboratory for High Energy
Physics (at present, High Energy Accelerator Research
Organization, Institute of Materials Structure Science,
Photon Factory) was started in 1978 as an exclusive facility
for photon researches, which researchers from various
fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, medical science,
and engineering science,had been expected for a long time.
In 1982, the first generation of photons by a 2.5 GeV
storage ring (PF ring) proved successful. After that a great
deal of effort has been constantly put into improvement of
the performance of the equipment, instruments and
facilities, and researchers from nationwide universities and
research institutes have rapidly extended their researches
for photon use. Now there are approximately 700 effective
projects and the number of joint researchers who use the
institute runs up to 2,500 throughout a year. In 1987, the
experiment on the use of photon with Tristan incident
storage ring (AR) was started. Following the end of Tristan
project, with the exclusive photon ring (PF-AR) distinctive
research results have been accomplished. In order to meet
the higher demands along with the development of
researches for the photon use, the 2.5 GeV storage ring had
been remodeled from 1996 through 1997 and finally realized
its high brightness. Furthermore, the project of reinforcing
the linear portion of the PF ring has been proposed in order
to reinforce inserted light source beam line. The
construction of the advanced remodeling project of the PF-
AR, a project to remodel the PF-AR into a stronger pulsed
X-ray source, was completed and joint-use experiments are
being resumed.
Research field : accelerator
User procedures and method:
-Presentations are necessary in respent of the
facilities utilization application.
-It is available for research and training, classes
except for the joint use research, etc.
-[Th utilization charge] 76,890yen per / hour.

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