J-GLOBAL ID:201110053417701181   Research Resource code:1000001515 Update date:Jan. 14, 2009

Hokuga Collection

Owning Organization:
Contact: FUKUHARA Masami
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (3): Geography ,  Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism ,  History of Japan
The library was set up by Sizuka Asaba, then Principal
of Hokkai Junior High School in commemoration of the
visit to the school by Prince Yoshihito, later Emperor
Taisho during the trip in Hokkaido in August 1911. The
library has 42,000 books and precious materials over
extensive areas including genuine writing by Takesiro
Matsuura, who gave the name to Hokkaido, Japanese and
Chinese books, drawings of traveling, etc.
User environment and conditions:
in basement of Library

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