J-GLOBAL ID:201110053691726646   Research Resource code:5000003403 Update date:Nov. 25, 2005

resources of psychoeducation programs

Owning Organization:
Contact: NAKAMURA Michihiko
Resource classification: Service, Program, System, etc
Research area  (1): Educational psychology
The ABC Programs of psychoeducation were developed by Professor
Wilder in Albert Einschtein College of New York and we have
reformed one of them tolted "ABC's of Handling Anger" to apply
to the people from primary school children to adults. The
program can be used in a style of school room for about 50 min,
including a roll-play drama.
Research field : Psychoeducation
User environment and conditions:
Black or White board, magnet.
User procedures and method:
Submit an application letter to Professor Nakamura including
name and affiliation of the requester, propose of application
and so on, and report the out come immediately after the
performance of the program.

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