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Otake Dainichi-nyorai Engi Emaki(History of the Otake Buddha)

Contact: MIYAKE Ikuo
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (1): Religion studies
The Otake Dainichi-nyorai Engi Emaki is painted
on three scrolls and in the possession of
Kotakuji-Shozenin, the headquarters and training
center of the Haguro Shugendo Sect. This emaki
explains the origin of the Otake Dainichi-do, a
sanctuary within the temples's compound enshrining
Otake Dainichi Buddha. The scrolls depict the
legend of the woman Otake, who is considered by
Haguro Shugendo to be an incarnation of Dainichi
Buddha. This database, with digitized pictures of
the emaki and Otake related resources, was created
with the full support of Shozenin.
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