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Owning Organization:
Contact: HORII Yasue
Resource classification: Historical Materials, Ancient Manuscripts, etc.
Research area  (7): Area studies ,  History of Japan ,  Economic history ,  Business administration ,  Commerce ,  Accounting ,  Sociology
Documents from the Family of Genzaemon Nakai
Original location: Okubo, Hino Town, Gamo County, Shiga
Prefecture (Old Okubo Town, Gamo County, Omi Country)
Number of items: 20,383
Government: Feudal Lord of Hino Gamo, followed by
Shogunate, Tatebayashi Clan, Kofu Clan. Lord Kato of
Minakuchi Clan governed from Shotoku 2 to Meiji.
Contents: Management documents of the Family of
Genzaemon Nakai, Omi Merchant Family, representing Hino.
The Family had branches in Sendai, Edo, Nagoya, Osaka
and Kitsuki to cover the whole nation, and dealt with
various merchandises including safflower, hemp, clothes,
and silk. Also included are documents related to
government of Hino Town.
User procedures and method:
Submit an application in advance for permission by our
Chief Librarian. It should state purpose, date (Monday -
Wednesday only), name, document, photography, and contact
address. (Students are obliged to present an introduction
by Instructors.)

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