J-GLOBAL ID:201110056197834621   Research Resource code:5000002766 Update date:Jan. 14, 2005

Apodemus hyperlipidemic mouse(AHL mouse)

Owning Organization:
Contact: KOSHIMOTO Chihiro
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): Laboratory animal studies
Hereditary hyperlipidemia mice are maintained by
Lineage Conservation Project Expense of Ministry of
Education. This lineage has total serum cholesterol
over 200 mg/dl and in which, as in human, total
blood cholesterol is markedly decreased by oral
administration of pravastatin -Na which is
ineffective in mice or rats. Aged individuals
showed hypacusis like aged human patients with
User environment and conditions:
Fill in an application form for dispensation of the lineage preserved animals according to the "Rules Concerning Dispensation" in the Web site of Frontier Science Research Center,University of Miyazaki ( and send it to the person in charge.
User procedures and method:
Use fee: free
User qualifications: collaborator

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