J-GLOBAL ID:201110057302124984   Research Resource code:5000000415 Update date:Mar. 07, 2007

Saga Prefectural Researcher Database

Owning Organization:
Contact: KIHARA Yasuharu
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (9): Intelligent informatics ,  Perception information processing/intelligent robotics ,  Neuro/muscular physiology ,  Biomedical engineering/biological material studies ,  Rehabilitation science/welfare engineering ,  Eating habits studies ,  Nano structural science ,  Nano materials/nano bioscience ,  Living organism molecular science
Information of 390 researchers (20 specializations
including mechanical engineering, physics, biology
and agricultural science) in research organizations
(13 organizations including university, experimental
and research organizations supported by public funds,
etc.) in Saga prefecture is available.
Anyone can search for researchers by the name of
organization, specialization, theme of research, free
key word, etc.

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