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Valuable Book Collection

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Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (2): Religion studies ,  Economic history
The distinctive collection of our library.
1.“Books in the national Diet Library which were
published in Meiji era, Micro version”
We are possessed all of these books. The University
Demanded to obtain the Meiji era publications.
Micro version materials which the National Diet
Library doesn't offer for public inspection.
“Books in the National Diet Library which were
published in the early part of Showa,Digital
We purchased all of these books excluding educations,
manners, customs, national defense and military
affairs. The reason for purchasing is same as the
Meiji era.
2.Parliament documents
We are possessed the materials which were published
between early 16th century's (when the parliament
system had just started)and the present age.
1“Ilish University Press series of British
Parlimentary papers”
The other title is “British Parliamentary papers”
An abbreviated designation is IUP,the other title's
abbreviated designation is BPP.(1000vols)
The presented report to Parliament in 19th century.
It is also called “Blue Books”.
Some of the most important reports were selected
carefullyfrom every conceivable reports such as each
other country's politics,economics,diplomacy,trade,
society and culture with Englans in this age.
Aftter then these selected reports were edited by
each subject.These reports can be a clue for
solution of the present society problems.
2“British Parliamentary papers/Microfiches in 165
In addition to above 1000vols, 10times quantity of
reports are printed in this micro version.
The ethnology museam is possessed the original
report(the one former English Department of Commerce
was possessed) as Kyosera-bunko.
These are the finest class original materials.
Printed the documents of the House of Commons
1801-1986 and the House of Lords 1801-1922.
Total 12700vols.
3“Journals of the House of Commoms”(1547-1990)
4“Journal of the House of Lords”
5“The Parliamentary debates (Hansard)”(1803-1908)
6“The Parliamentary debates : House of Lords
Official Report”(1909-1988)
7“The Parliamentary debates : House of Commons”
Official Report(1909-1988)
8“British Parliamentary papers : House of Commons
Sessionsl papers"(1731-1900)
9“Journals of the House of Lords : Rolls of
10“The Acts of the Parliaments of Scootland”
11“The Irish Statutes”(1310-1800)
3.“Goldsmiths'-Kress library of economic literature.”
Segment 1,2,3 Unit No.1-86
The world well-known collection of the social
science field attaching importance to the economics.
We are possessed almost all 60000vols classical
books as Micro versions which were written between
15th century and 19th century. We are possessed the
mainly following.
Goldsmith bought Foxwell's collection and contribute
them to University of London.
Harvard Library are possessed the Foxwell's
collection Goldsmith purchased.
4.“Charch Missionary Society Archive's materilas”
Charch Missionary Society Archive was established
in 1799. These materials are a compilation of the
documents while doing the missionary works against
members of another religion such as East Asia,
North America, India, Australia, the Middle East
and Africa.
These are the valuable materials by the religious
research, the history of woman.
Our University was established by a missionary and
we purchased Section I,II,IIIout of I to VI.
5.“The bible collection”We have collected the various
bibles and annotations. The reason for purchasing
is same as the item 4.
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