J-GLOBAL ID:201110059034107063   Research Resource code:5000003374 Update date:Oct. 01, 2004

Materials on Economic and Business History of Japan

Owning Organization:
Contact: SAWAI Minoru
Resource classification: Historical Materials, Ancient Manuscripts, etc.
Research area  (1): Economic history
Our Common room has such valuable primary sources as Konoike
papers, Ono-gumi papers, Osaka Sango Mizucho, Japan Cotton
Spinners' Association papers and so on, and lots of microfilms
about economic history and business history of Japan. Most
of them can be utilized the researchers.
Research field : Economic History, Business History
User environment and conditions:
User procedures and method:
Contact the common room of the history group before hand
by phone (+81-6-680-5258) or Fax (+81-6-6850-52)

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