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Terrestrial Field Station

Owning Organization:
Contact: SAIGUSA Masahiko
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (2): Plant pathology ,  Environmental agriculture
The Terrestrial Field Station(former experimental farm)
consists of arable land grassland, and forest-land, and
the total are is 2,215ha. The animal reared are beef
cattle of 200, dairycattle of 50, sheep of 80, deer of
20 and they are used for Educations and researches.
Field educations such as farm practice, live-stock
management, forestry eco-systems etc. are conducted for
both. undergraduate and graduate students. The following
facilities are also available for researchers.
1. Environmentally isolated fields of r-DNA plants
2. Rokkaku mountainous pasture grazing for beef cattle.
3. International type locality of nonallophanic
4. Conservation area of Susuki(Miscanthus sinensis)
grassland for International Biological Program.
5. Large scale composting facility for anmal waste.
Research field : Integrated Field Science

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