J-GLOBAL ID:201110060279926238   Research Resource code:5000003272 Update date:Mar. 03, 2009


Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
Research area  (1): Others
JDreamDaily delivers bibliographical data (journal name,
volume, page, article title, etc) to users every morning
on business days via e-mail prior to the data's inclusion
on JST databases installed in JDream II and JDreamPetit.
JDreamDaily, a current awareness service (continuos
research), provides bibliographical information of articles
from multiple journals relevant to topics selected by users,
and also users can select journals for which to receive the
table of contents of in their e-mail box when their new
editions are published.
This service is available at a fixed monthly fee which varies
depending on the number of topics or journals selected by
the users.
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